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Perth is a great city for tourists. The people are welcoming, the city vibrant, and the area filled to the brim with interesting sights, sounds, and people. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy it for people who want to just “see the sights.”

If you’re into that, booking a hotel and a city tour or two is easy. However, it won’t give you a good view of the life and character of Perth. For folks that want to dig into a place like Perth, there is the “boots on the ground” approach.

However, even if you don’t bother with a tour and just wander around, you still need a place to stay. With that in mind, what are the best places to get short-stay accommodations in Perth? Which of those are best if you’re on vacation?

Airbnb is probably the one you’ve all heard about at this point.

The website is a great resource for listings of homes, apartments, and the like in virtually any city in the world. The team behind it does vetting and checking for every listing, and the peer review system helps in making decisions. Best of all is that you’re living as the locals do, making for a better experience.

The biggest problem with Airbnb, though, is that a lot of it is subjective. Is this apartment “walking distance” from Perth’s major attractions? It might be for some, but not for others. There’s also the fact that cancellation fees can be very steep, making it less attractive for people whose plans might change.

Roomarama is an alternative. The site is geared towards short-term accommodations and rentals. Most of them advertise openly whether or not they’re within reach of a destination or attraction. As with Airbnb, someone does the checking to make sure all the listings are on the up and up.

Prices can be tricky with roomarama. Some are reasonable in price. Some rooms may seem overpriced for their accommodations or location.

For locals, a site like Apartment Guide can also be helpful. These sites usually cater to people looking for long-term rentals, but short-term stays are also an option.

However, this method isn’t a good move for tourists. The sites like apartment guide are geared towards locals, or at least those who are close by. The listings are not meant for international travellers, and there are times when this comes into play.

HomeAway is also an alternative. The site lists apartments, homes, and the like that can be rented out. It’s geared for international travellers and tourists and puts you in contact with either the owners or the property managers so that you can work out a deal.

Another site that does this is Short Term Housing.

The catch is that both HomeAway and Short Term Housing are less secure than Airbnb, arguably. Whereas Airbnb recommends contacting your host through their site to make conversations secure, HomeAway and Short Term Housing leave you to contact hosts on your own.

While this may not seem like a problem, if you don’t like giving away your personal information, it will be. Still, that decision is ultimately yours to make.

Finally, there are the local property rental listings like WA Stay Properties. These don’t have the listings that a bigger site would, but they’re great if you’re looking for a more local accommodation feel. The options may be a bit more limited, but the quality is usually still on the high end.

Where you stay when you go on vacation in Perth is up to you. Short-term rentals and accommodations are a great choice if you don’t plan to stay very long.

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