How To Get Your First Investment Rental

Getting your hands on your first rental property can be a challenge. It doesn’t matter if it’s a city as vibrant as Perth or one that’s supposedly dying like Detroit. Some problems persist when you are trying to break into the investment property arena.

Fortunately, it isn’t impossible. Yes, the process is very capital-intensive if you don’t already have properties, but it isn’t impossible. Here is a reliable process on how to break into the game. All you need to do is adapt to the specific details as they arise.

First, you want to know what you’re getting into. Learn about real estate.

Look up terms on sites like Investopedia. Read books on the market in general. Read articles on what it’s like where you’re seeking to invest. Admit you know nothing and ask experts and professionals in the field, from brokers to bankers to other investors.

Most of all, be sure to listen. Don’t regurgitate information you picked up in a book. Instead, talk to people and ask the winners how they made their money in real estate. Practical know-how will often serve you better than academic understanding, but you still need to know the industry terms.

Don’t look at percentages.

Instead, consider whether or not you achieved an objective. This is true whether you reject 99% of every property you check out or if you keep failing at getting deals you want. Results, not percentages, are essential.

Don’t spread yourself thin. Focus on one strategy and stick to it.

In most investments, you want to spread your money around. You don’t want to concentrate only on bottled water only for the market to suddenly tank. When it comes to investment properties, this isn’t the best way to handle things.

If you are going around renting this apartment out, waiting for this house to appreciate in price, and flipping a few units downtown, you are spreading yourself thing. It may feel like you’re set to make more money, but you’re not. You are only giving yourself a set of goals you cannot achieve.

Find an investor.

One easy way to do this is to talk about your goals. There is nothing wrong with mentioning what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve when people ask. Sooner or later, word of your real estate goals will make their way to someone who can invest.

Before you find someone willing to help financially, you should have answers to his questions. This will involve more terminology. It also includes answering his likely first question: how much money will I make if I help you?

You know the game. You have the money. You have a goal. Now you just need to buy the property and lease it out.

There will be paperwork involved in this. You and your investor might need to file some to be considered a business entity. You’re going to need contractors to renovate the place. There will be paperwork involved when someone leases the property.

Finally, be persistent.

Investment properties do not make money dramatically. It takes time, and you need to be persistent if you want to make the most of it.

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The Rental Market 2017 in Perth

For many years now, people have been snubbing the Perth housing market. Real estate investors just did not think it wise to invest in the city. There’s a housing shortage problem now as a result of that.

According to the data, the Perth real estate market is changing. The numbers suggest that the city is making a comeback in the wake of the mining sector’s downturn. The median price lifted nearly two percent in December, and projections indicate price growth.

Again, back in December, Perth had the third strongest real estate growth across Australia. That was the second month in a row where the city experienced an increase in median house price. Analysts think this indicates that the market already hit rock bottom and is now going back up.

Perth’s housing market has surprised experts. Most of the state of Western Australia has been in an economic malaise, yet the city’s housing remains incredibly resilient.

Concerns about prices falling like lead balloons turned out to be untrue. The price didn’t drop that far, despite seeing more than a few falls. Highly desirable suburb areas around Perth may not command as high prices as they did before, but not to the disastrous level originally predicted.

What does this mean? It means people are starting to buy again.

The prices are just low enough that people can get into the market. However, they’re not so low as to suggest they’re not going back up. With the trend going upwards slowly, it is a good time to step in.

One of the benefits of buying now is that there is less competition than normal. Investment properties and homes in Perth are still not in high demand. That may change if the market revitalises later in 2017. For now, though, there is still plenty of room.

Experts suggest that the “competition” will only heat up in the second half of this year.

However, there is a chance it might happen earlier. Buyer activity in the city is on the increase. Listings are growing. Similar markets along the west coast are also starting to fire up, which could be indicative of the Perth market’s future.

One of the crucial elements of this is the perception that prices can’t go much lower. The market has bottomed out, and that is usually a signal for a change in the market.

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Local listings

Perth is a great city for tourists. The people are welcoming, the city vibrant, and the area filled to the brim with interesting sights, sounds, and people. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy it for people who want to just “see the sights.”

If you’re into that, booking a hotel and a city tour or two is easy. However, it won’t give you a good view of the life and character of Perth. For folks that want to dig into a place like Perth, there is the “boots on the ground” approach.

However, even if you don’t bother with a tour and just wander around, you still need a place to stay. With that in mind, what are the best places to get short-stay accommodations in Perth? Which of those are best if you’re on vacation?

Airbnb is probably the one you’ve all heard about at this point.

The website is a great resource for listings of homes, apartments, and the like in virtually any city in the world. The team behind it does vetting and checking for every listing, and the peer review system helps in making decisions. Best of all is that you’re living as the locals do, making for a better experience.

The biggest problem with Airbnb, though, is that a lot of it is subjective. Is this apartment “walking distance” from Perth’s major attractions? It might be for some, but not for others. There’s also the fact that cancellation fees can be very steep, making it less attractive for people whose plans might change.

Roomarama is an alternative. The site is geared towards short-term accommodations and rentals. Most of them advertise openly whether or not they’re within reach of a destination or attraction. As with Airbnb, someone does the checking to make sure all the listings are on the up and up.

Prices can be tricky with roomarama. Some are reasonable in price. Some rooms may seem overpriced for their accommodations or location.

For locals, a site like Apartment Guide can also be helpful. These sites usually cater to people looking for long-term rentals, but short-term stays are also an option.

However, this method isn’t a good move for tourists. The sites like apartment guide are geared towards locals, or at least those who are close by. The listings are not meant for international travellers, and there are times when this comes into play.

HomeAway is also an alternative. The site lists apartments, homes, and the like that can be rented out. It’s geared for international travellers and tourists and puts you in contact with either the owners or the property managers so that you can work out a deal.

Another site that does this is Short Term Housing.

The catch is that both HomeAway and Short Term Housing are less secure than Airbnb, arguably. Whereas Airbnb recommends contacting your host through their site to make conversations secure, HomeAway and Short Term Housing leave you to contact hosts on your own.

While this may not seem like a problem, if you don’t like giving away your personal information, it will be. Still, that decision is ultimately yours to make.

Finally, there are the local property rental listings like WA Stay Properties. These don’t have the listings that a bigger site would, but they’re great if you’re looking for a more local accommodation feel. The options may be a bit more limited, but the quality is usually still on the high end.

Where you stay when you go on vacation in Perth is up to you. Short-term rentals and accommodations are a great choice if you don’t plan to stay very long.

Top Tips for Moving House in Perth

Moving can be a very dreadful experience especially when you don’t know what you are doing. This is understood especially when it’s your first time.

But it pays to be prepared. A lot.

I guess one of the worst reasons why people hate moving is because they think its costs too much.

It costs too much money.

It costs too much time.

It costs too much energy.

But did you know that this is not how it’s supposed to be?

Well, what I am trying to say is that with enough preparation, you can move with as little budget possible without overexerting yourself?

Planning on Moving

Just like any endeavor, planning is crucial in moving house. As a matter of fact, without a proper plan, you might end up spending more and doing more. Ask people around you, they will say that not planning is the worst thing you can do.

So what are the best tips one can get when moving house? Look no further because we have listed all of them here.

Top Tips in Moving House in Perth

  1. Get your Removalists first. – When thinking about moving, the first thing you should think about is the actual “moving” part. Of course you can always do it yourself but wouldn’t that be too troublesome and you can even damage some of your stuff? That’s why the first thing you should get is a trusted removalist. A removal company will do the grunt work for you. Most of the time, getting a good removalist removes all the problems you can encounter when doing the move yourself because they have all the things you sorely need: the people who will help you move, the expertise to move your stuff safely, and the transportation to get your stuff from one place to the other.
  2. List down everything you have – Although getting a removal company takes away 90% of the job for you, this doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax. As a responsible owner, you should make a list of all the things you have. This list can work for both you and the removal company. As he owner, you will have a good idea of what you have and what needs insurance (if needed). For a removal company, they can double check that they have everything packed and moved for you.
  3. Dispose of the stuff you don’t need – Just because you are moving house does not mean you have to take the whole house with you. Oftentimes, we have items that we will no longer need in the new home and you just have to get rid of them. This won’t mean having to throw them away. For stuff that are still useable, you can donate them to charity. Not only will it help the needy, it can also reduce the stuff you need to move.
  4. Return stuff you borrowed – One last thing, please do your best to return all the stuff you borrowed. That last thing your previous neighbor needs is a chilling realization that you haven’t returned the sander you borrowed last summer. It also gives you a chance to say goodbye to the good people you once shared a street, apartment, or block with.

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Investing on Rental Homes? Here are Some Things to Consider

rental propertiesYou could have heard it before. Capital t, the first three guidelines of real estate are Location, Location, Location, which is no different when buying rent house. If you are in the market to get rent house real house, you need to know your market. Below is a series of steps you can take to fundamentally understand your real estate market and determine the best areas by which to acquire your buy and hold properties.

Establish The place that the Rental Markets Are

Listed here is a systematic way to physique out which rental marketplaces in your area will have the highest potential returns.

  1. Have an agent put together a collection of properties that contain sold in your neighborhood. You are heading to want to find sales data on “bread and butter” rental properties – properties with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 800sq ft – 1200sq foot with a basement and a garage.
  2. Take the set of properties and form them by sales price.
  3. When you have the properties categorized by price, break them up into 3 groupings – the reduced third by price, the center 1 / 3 by price, and the upper third by price.
  4. Next, take a map and commence to plot away the three groups of properties. For each group use a different color marker on the map.
  5. After getting the map booming with, you should commence to see trends on the map. The properties listed in the lower up coming will likely have the prospect to generate the highest come back. They are the areas you are going to want to look at further. If you have lived in the location, you probably have a general idea regarding these areas, but you need to put that aside for now because to truly know the market you will need to complete the next steps.

leasing rental propertiesDrive the Targeted Marketplace

Once you have established a few areas, you are going to want to get in your car and drive through the neighborhoods. The moment you do this, you need to take be aware of the items listed below. Please keep in brain that you should be looking for trends in the area. You might see one house that is particularly good or bad, but you are actually seeking to look at the neighborhood generally speaking, so look for trends.

What is the condition of the homes in the area?

Do you see stable homes, with good roofing and freshly painted cut, or do you see you see old dilapidated homes with broken home windows?

Are the properties held up?

An easy way to share this is by looking at the health of the landscaping. Carry out you see mowed grass with flowers planted all around, or do you see long grass and overgrown weeds? The condition of the landscaping provides a great deal of insight about the people surviving in that neighborhood.

What does the neighborhood look like?

Go through the streets, are they clean, or is there trash strewn around. Look for sidewalks. In the event you are taking the time to go outdoors of school hours are kids playing in the streets? Or in compare will the neighborhood give you the creeps. You are really looking to answer problem “Do my tenants want to live here? ”

Speak with People in the Neighborhood

This is very a good idea to speak with people in the neighborhood. In the event you see someone walking down the street, stop and let them know you have been looking to buy real estate in the area and ask them about the neighborhood. Or, you can stop in a local business like a market or a gas station and speak to the guy behind the table about the area.

When you have established your target marketplaces, and driven the areas, you need to be able to quickly see which markets you want to purchase, and which markets you never. To document this you may easily take a map and highlight the streets you choose to consider making an investment.

Determine the Returns

The next step is to look at the results you will generate. This kind of is a very simple thing to do, and you will follow these steps.rental-property

  1. Speak with a local property management company about the rental rates for a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with a car port and a basement in the area you have selected. The property management company should be able to give you a very great idea of the rental rates and also give you more reviews about the area generally.
  2. You should also find out with them about their rates for property management.
  3. Look up the fees on a few properties to determine what you can expect to pay in taxes for properties in the area you have selected.
  4. Speak to an insurance agent about the price tag on insurance for a house in your target market.
  5. Calculate your net income. To do this, you need to take your rental income expected for the year and subtract the taxes, insurance, and property management charge.
  6. Calculate your return. To do this simply break down the net income you calculated in step 4 by the price you will be paying for the house.
  7. With this information you should be in a position to see what varieties of returns you can create for your targeted area. An interesting exercise to perform is to also calculate your return on areas where homes are selling at a higher price. What you will find would be that the neighborhoods may be a lttle bit nicer, but your returns will drop quickly.

Is the Rental Property a Good Deal?

It’s hard to always second guess yourself. When you go making decisions all the time, you end up beating yourself over a decision you made.

So how do you get over this?

Well, you get better at making decisions. See, the thing with buying rental properties is that there is a good way for you to find out if it is a nice deal or not. Here’s a short video outlining the stuff you need to consider when leasing rental properties.


[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Tips for Finding the Right Rental Property

rental propertiesWhen you decide to choose property to book – you should choose prudently. You should in the beginning choose a house that will generate an optimistic income for you and a place that could keep the expense of operating low.

It might be ideal to make a list to keep you on the right track while you seek out the perfect local rental property. The list must have things that you should look for in accommodations property, to enable you to have it at heart when you are looking.

You must take as much variables as possible into consideration when searing for the right place.

Initially, you can consider the point out of the house. Usually, whenever a property is listed at a great price, it’s probably for grounds for the reduced price. Experienced buyers will let you know that you can generally find out what the profit percentage will be prior to purchasing accommodations property.

While you that are securing to the house to hire and will not be selling for some time, it is critical to check out the health of the home, and what renovations you may have to manage prior to renting. This should help you create a far more educated decision about which property you’ll choose in the long run. It’s easier to choose an increased charged property if it requires less work.

The positioning of the house is one of the main factors to find the ideal rentals property. Homes situated on busy avenues are less advisable to renters that are buying nice, silent place. Accommodations property that is very near amenities, transit and classes is a sensible choice.

rental properties australiaAnother thing necessary to investing in a true home is to find any background on the house, and to determine if the accepted place was ever used as a rental property. Sometimes before if the accepted place has been used as accommodations, it’s possible it could have a terrible reputation, and word has traveled fast throughout the rental community. This may definitely be considered a hurdle, so it is a good notion to determine any details.

If the house is presently accommodations place indeed, you should find out if people are currently surviving in the place also. If they’re, you can view if you want to continue undertaking the lease which may be set up already, basically meaning you cannot improve the rental rate before lease has ended. It might be an benefits, as you might have renters set up already. Either real way, it’s definitely something to take into account!

Maintenance and repair of the house is something to bear in mind also. If you’re unable to keep up with the accepted place at any point, you may want to retain the services of you to definitely come in and perform any ongoing work that should be done. Certainly, this does create more expenses, but it could workout in the ultimate end as an edge. It’s definitely another indicate retain in mind.

In closing, go through the price of the house, and be sure to can will have enough money to protect the mortgage repayments and every other expenses which may be incurred. These expenditures include fees, insurance, etc. There may be a period when the house is kept unoccupied, and you will still need to be sure to are covering all of the payments.